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Most brave and honest forest flower,
Silent herald of the coming summer,
Blue Lantern of the copse and bower,
You delicate charm belies your power.
Steadfast against the rogue spring rages,
Diehards, lost from the winter pages,
You may bend, but you will not yield,
As an English longbow in the field.
Woodland star within the mist of dawn,
Prelude to the April morn,
Blue island in a wildwood sea,
Albions’ own, jade stem med, lapis lazuli.
Sapphire of the glade and dell,
None named ever shone so well,
Luring lovers with thy spell,
Amongst thy legions there to dwell.
Precious little hint of heaven,
Of all you were indeed God given,
Only one who ever walked this earth,
Could sculpt thy beauty, weigh thy worth.
In the time of Arimathea,
Did you ring, when he walked here,
And when his light, did leave this shore,

Did you then, decide, to ring no more.


J. Armstrong

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