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A collaboration of poetry and photography (photographs by John Stoddart).


A Flower In A Dark Room


A flower in a dark room,
Lost to light, in silence proclaims its presence
with the lure of sweet perfume,
As the waning Moon cloud covered still  draws on
the ever turning tide,
So with waxing wiles the flower, through velvet darkness
ushers the curious unto its side,
Through slate and charcoal riven shadows falling
in and out of night,
Weaving webs of scented corsairs, breathing forth
enticing potions of delight,
Scent invokes the deeper senses nebulous
primeval passions stir,
As the mind’s eye in transformation fashions unseen
beauty from the air,
In the tangled labyrinth, twixt twilight and the
cusp of dawn,
Sleepless voyagers embrace, through clouds of seed
and seas of spawn,
Absorbed into the unknown, the forbidden the heart
pounding taste of chance,
As was Herod in his lust driven torment beguiled
by Salome's tantalising dance,
So it is with petal and pollen, so it is with
flesh and nerve,
Since God first plucked a rock from emptiness
and from it then did form a curve.


J. Armstrong

A collaboration of poetry and photography (photographs by John Stoddart).

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