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A Flower In A Dark Room


In the sweet harbour of desire,
Where seeds are sown with passions fire,
Amidst honey juice and milky streams,
Borne along by love and lustful dreams,
Washed upon a sea of tingling tides,
Where surging surf waves spume provides,
The coming tempest breakers rush,
And all the worlds a blood rosy flush,
Soft friction strikes up life’s spark,
Sleeping safe in a sanctum warm and dark,
Seasons turn from here and now,
Too soon the fruit weighs down the bough,
The nipples bloom, the breasts full swell,
And the plum peach womb forms a velvet bell,
As my eyes do wander and observe each curve,
I burn more now, for thy wants to serve.


Coco De Mer London
9th September Anno Domini MMIX

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